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About News Monitor Proud Member of The Novus Group

Our Company

   · The News Monitor (formerly IBI Media) opened its doors in December 2002. Originally a paper-based service, the News Monitor research library evolved into a completely digital, web-based application giving users access to the most comprehensive print media archive of South African newspaper articles ever seen. In 2018, the archive reached the 1,5 million newspaper articles.

The Next Chapter (December 2015):

   · Towards the end of 2015, The News Monitor concluded a deal whereby it was taken over by a South African company called Novus Online (Pty) Ltd. Novus Online took control of the staff, products and clients previously owned by The News Monitor. Shortly after the takeover, Novus Online (Pty) Ltd changed its name to Novus Group (Pty) Ltd.

The New Product (August 2018)

   · After many months of planning and design, Novus Group (Pty) Ltd redeveloped and rolled out a brand-new version of The News Monitor research library. The new system uses the latest technology to offer a wider range of coverage, as well as a more robust platform – on which Novus Group (Pty) Ltd plans to further enhance and develop The News Monitor research library over the coming years.

Our People:

   · Lindy Gould (Director) - Retired

      o One of the original architects of the News Monitor research library, Lindy was involved in the print media industry for over 25 years. With a background in journalism, Lindy worked as a freelance writer and was also involved in production and various levels of Management for companies like NewsClip and SA Press.

   · Joe Hamman (Managing Director)

      o Founder of Novus Online, later renamed Novus Group, Joe started his career in sales. He has been involved in media monitoring since 2006 and aims to grow The News Monitor research library into a leader of print media tracking, media analysis and research services.

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