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News Monitor FAQ's

What about articles published before 2005?
  · The database runs from January 2005. Earlier articles can be sourced on an Ad-hoc basis in either hard or soft copy.

Are there any software requirements?
  · The application is completely web-based with no additional software requirements – it is best viewed through CHROME.

How does News Monitor differ from a traditional media monitoring service?
  · Traditionally, the Media monitoring industry has been focused on an “all coverage from all publications” approach which can have its uses, but tends to be very expensive and cumbersome. In the information age where information overload is one of the biggest challenges; The News Monitor has taken a different view. By sourcing all coverage through the Research library and keeping the ‘human element’ involved in all stages of the production process, the News Monitor is able to provide a wide scope of relevant coverage at a very cost effective rate.

How does News Monitor differ from other search engines like Google?
  · The database covers a boutique list of business related SA publications primarily focusing on editorial content – providing a qualitative means of article research. Unlike normal search engines, the links direct the user to actual article files sitting on the News Monitor server ensuring maximum stability and speed.

Why print media?
  · The oldest form of media still has much to offer in a technologically driven environment:
    o Print media supports all other types of media.
    o It generally provides the most comprehensive reports on events as it is not limited by time constraints, unlike broadcast media.
    o Studies prove that it is the most credible form of media and that it still forms the main source of news to the public.
    o Print publications are shown to have the most loyal audiences.

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